I feel like fish skipping should be an actual sport. Just imagine, going over to the lake, sitting around with fishing poles, then the thrill of catching the fish as it spins and splashes, trying to get off the hook. Then, it’s the glorious moment when you take the fish out and take in your hands. Finally, you start spinning around, with the fish firmly grasped by the tail with your hand and as you reach the maximum torque, you release it and watch as it glides through the ether and starts skipping against the water, as you and your buddies are silently counting the splashes, slowly fading in the distance. It’s just the sort of entertainment to lead the humanity into the new era.

In Fish Out Of Water, you get to do precisely that, minus the parts about fishing and restraining order for animal cruelty. Your task is to launch the fish as far and high as possible, in order to please a most hard to please jury of crabs, assigning you scores for the fish-throwing, depending on the various parameters of your throws. There is, unfortunately, only one level and a very limited number of fishes available. Each round consists of three throws you need to make, choosing between six different fishes (and sea mammals), each one having different launching and skipping capabilities. To launch the fish, you need to press on it with your finger and then flick it to the side, being careful in choosing the angle your fish is going to meet the skies at, since again, different fishes behave differently when launched.  There is, for example, a fish that divides into four, when it hits the water for the first time, or the one that is jumping extra high off the surface of the water.

There is also a booster bar that lets you accelerate your fish, in order for it to cover greater distances that can be refilled with the small yellow orbs, scattered across the level that the fish picks up as it flies past them. Besides all this, there are also achievements that you can collect while playing, that unlock crystal packs that you can activate and get various bonuses for your game. There is no other goal in Fish Out Of Water, aside from pleasing the crabby jury – and, by that extent, the online community. Of course, you can log in, using various social tools, and publish your record scores, in order to brag about them to others, as well as see what the others achieved. Wrapping up, Fish Out of Water is a bit repetitive, but a definitely fun arcade. It may require a bit more content to sustain the fun, although what it has now is more than enough. If you feel like skipping your worries (and fish) away, try it out.