Finger Tied Jr? More like Finger Broke PhD! I didn’t ask for this, when I signed for this job. I still want to have all of my fingers, when I reach elderly age. I don’t want them to rot the bloody hell away after playing a mobile videogame, and then having an additional torture of writing about it on the internet.  My poor fingers actually ache right now, and each word costs me a great pain, so I hope you’re at the very least entertained. I’ll torture my hands for a little more, before I’ll have to bite them off with my bare teeth, to explain to you the reason for my unhappiness.

It is somewhat difficult to appoint a genre to Finger Tied Jr. It’s a bit of a puzzle-arcade thing, but it’s just too unique for the labels to fit. You see, Finger Tied Jr is an endurance game – and not for some sassy mental counterpart, but for hard as a rock, physical endurance, and particularly – endurance of your fingers. There are many levels, divided into three difficulty settings, with additional levels being available for download.  Your task is the same in each level: you need to bring a simple shape to its respective place. There are two tricky things about this, though. First, the path is placed along the black tiles, and when an object passes over them, they light up. Every single one of them should be crossed only once, by any one of the shape tiles. The second and the hardest part of it all is that most of the levels contain several shaped tiles at once, and these tiles can only be moved, when your finger touches every single one of them. In other words, you have to use several fingers to move them, and naturally, their paths don’t really converge. This means that you have to be in control of several of your fingers’ movement at once, and it’s a lot more challenging than it seems. I guarantee that playing Finger Tied Jr. will make you understand how weak your control over your fingers actually is, and afterwards it will make you understand in just how many ways your fingers never hurt before playing it.

To be fair, it’s not exactly as difficult as I make it sound. I’ve completed three quarters of the main levels in about an hour, and although it’s difficult to start getting an unfamiliar and unpractised challenge, once you get a general hold of it, passing each level on gold isn’t that big of a deal. So, while it’s quite a challenging game, it’s not exactly impassable or anything. Really unusual, is all. It’s one of the most unusual arcades I’ve played on the mobiles, and it’s definitely worth a dollar and a couple of twisted fingers.